About 4-Pawz

In today's challenging Real Estate market, your choice of a Real Estate Professional does matter - especially when you have pets!  As we all know, not all properties allow pets and it can be very confusing and defeating to find a place you love and then realize later that your fur baby is not welcome.

Often times when contacting a listing agent or seller in regards to the pet polices and bylaws………they are unsure.  It is imperative that one knows these before venturing out to view properties.  Just because there are pets in the building does not mean they are there with written permission and can be removed at any time. 

Each property will be different and have different sets of rules and guidelines which is why I found this niche market to be near and dear to me in my everyday practices.  This drove me to take control and develop what is known today 
as 4-PAWz.

For the past 7 years, I have developed a "live" and ongoing database of various properties in Edmonton and the surrounding areas that do or do not allow pets as well as the relevant restrictions.  This database is constantly changing and updated regularly. Researching these properties and getting the pet policies up front helps me to show you ONLY those properties that will allow your pet(s).  This saves time and energy and proves very successful in finally narrowing down a specific property and making it your new...

“Fur Friendly” Home.